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  • Why We Recommend Garaga

    Garaga: Where Beauty Meets Quality

    At Automatic Door Co., we have counted on Garaga products for years. We have successfully installed their garage doors throughout the area, including Fairfield County and Milford, Orange, Woodbury, Southbury, Woodbridge, Hamden, Seymour and Oxford.

    Over time, we’ve come to realize that Garaga products are the best. With our many years of experience working on all brands of garage doors, we’ve noticed how Garaga stands apart from the competition. And thanks to the many available color and design options, their doors are a beautiful addition to any home.

    Garaga Products – Characteristics and Advantages

    When it comes to Garaga, what we like most is their strict production standards. During the making of your garage door, you can count on a consistent manufacturing process. This allows for a quality product, every single time.

    There are many advantages to choosing a Garaga products:

    • They protect you from the elements. With features such as weatherstripping, thermal breaks and good insulation, GARAGA garage doors are great in winter and in summer.

      High density pressure-injected polyurethane foam    Triple-contact and airtight interlocking joints between each panel    Double-lip ThermaBlok frame weatherstripping    Flexible U-shaped bottom weather-stripping

    • They are beautifully designed. Garaga offers a wide variety of colors, patterns and accessories. They also offer many distinctive door models in order to complement different architectural styles. With Garaga, it’s all in the details.
    • They are built to last. Garaga uses superior materials, able to withstand daily use and abuse.

    Garaga: Like No Other Garage Door Manufacturer

    GARAGA garage doors not only look good, but are well built too. Their doors are designed with appearance as well as performance in mind. We believe you won’t find a better built garage door.

    Whether you’re completing a new construction or a renovation, good value is always important. Garaga products fit nicely into your budget and will last you a long time.

    Family Owned and Operated

    At Automatic Door Co., we are proud to be family owned and operated. Garaga is also a family-operated company, with principles and standards akin to our own. Since we insist on offering only the best products and services, we recommend Garaga brand garage doors to our customers. Their quality products allow us to deliver the best possible service!


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